Baccarat Hand Tracking For Fun and Profit

Added: May 9, 2013

The best two bets in the game of Baccarat are the banker bet and the player bet, and anyone who knows anything about Baccarat can tell you that. It's slightly more likely that a hand is dealt in favor of the banker, but the five percent commission is in place to balance that out. In short, there is less than a 0.2 percent difference in the payout rates for these two bets, so a lot of players alternate between them at will. Instead of trying to blindly guess what will come next in the game, a lot of players try various forms of hand tracking to try to gain an edge.

If you play Baccarat in a brick and mortar casino, you'll probably notice that other players are keeping up with all of the hands that come out with pencils and paper. The idea here is that by looking at the previous hands that have been dealt, a player can try to find a pattern to give them an advantage on the upcoming hand. Since the casino is often who provides these pencils and paper, it's unlikely that this particular method will give the player an edge against the casino.

However, there is another way to track hands in Baccarat. The idea is to keep up with a total of how many player hands and how many banker hands have been dealt overall out of the shoe. When a disproportionate amount of one or the other have been dealt, then a bet on the opposite hand could turn out to make you a lot of money. The reasoning behind this is that a shoe should contain a certain number of banker hands and a certain number of player hands on average, so when a lot of one have been dealt, the shoe should contain a lot of the other.

The worst case scenario is that this strategy does no worse than randomly picking between the banker or player hand, so you can't really lose by trying. However, when it does work out, you could hit some pretty impressive winning streaks. If someone asks how you did it, feel free to try to explain the strategy to them. Everyone has their own ways of playing Baccarat, and different strategies work in different ways for different people depending on how well they apply themselves to the game.

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