Hand Evaluation for Casino Hold'em Games

Added: March 19, 2015

Casino Hold'em is a very interesting game for a lot of reasons. Generally speaking, it's one of the harder games to quantify using a computer to generate strategy charts because it doesn't lend itself to the typical set of chart-building methods. Along these lines, you have to learn to play this game well based on high-level types of thinking like evaluation and analysis. Having a strong level of evaluation in particular for different types of hands is especially important in this game, and we want to show you how to do just that.

The key thing you're doing in this game is looking at your two hole cards and the three cards on the flop to decide if you think you have the advantage with a raise that's worth twice the size of your ante bet. In this situation, you really just have to ignore the bet you've already made and think about whether you have the advantage in the situation as a whole. This isn't easy for players to do. Additionally, you can't be thinking in terms of whether or not you'll expect to have the better hand more than half the time. Instead, you need to be focusing on another piece of information: You'll need to win at least 54 or 55 percent of the time to justify a raise because of how the wins are broken down when the dealer doesn't qualify.

One thing that computer analysis can tell us is that we should be folding about 18 percent of the time total, and this is a good beacon for us to follow if we want to track our play. After a few hundred hands, we can look back at our own fold percentage and get a good idea of whether or not we're in the right ballpark.

The ability to make pairs, flushes and straights are the three things that go into the evaluation of a hand. However, a lot of this for pairs is going to come down to high-card hand power since that acts as sort of a draw. For example, if you have something like AK on a board of QJ4, then you'll still have at least a 20 percent chance of hitting a bigger pair if the dealer happens to have a queen, jack or four in his hand. In this hand in particular, you could also have a ten to give yourself a very strong straight.

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