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What is Craps?

Craps is a game of dice, requiring players to place bets on the results of a single roll or a number of rolls of a couple of dice. Based on the type of Craps played, players can either play against one another or against the house or casino. Craps enjoys a great deal of popularity because one needs just a couple of dice to play it, owing to which it can be played anywhere.

The pages of history reveal that an ancient English game called Hazard is the ancestor of Craps. The game might have originated in the days of the Crusades, after which it might have attracted the attention of the French.

A wealthy American entrepreneur and politician Bernard de Mandeville brought the game to the New Orleans casinos. Players used a few flaws in the game to cheat the house during the game’s initial days in New Orleans. Later, John H. Winn fixed all the flaws and introduced the Don’t Pass bet to increase the house edge of Craps.

The name Craps might have been derived from the French crapaud, which means toad. The African Americans were fond of a Craps variant called Street Craps, in which the game was played in informal places.

Different Types of Online Craps:

Craps is a basically simple game of dice, but has a set of several complex betting strategies. Casinos today offer a wide range of Craps such as Bastard Craps, High Point Craps, Simplified Craps, New York Craps, Bank Craps, and Die Rich Craps.

Bastard Craps or Crapless Craps is one of the simplest of Craps variants. The winning dice combination is a come out of seven. The house advantage of this variant is 5.38 percent.

Simplified Craps declares as winner the player who turns up with two, three, ten, eleven, or twelve. The house edge of 2.8 percent makes the variant quite attractive.

In case of High Point Craps, the come out roll is completely ignored if it results in two and three and the dice is rolled once again for a more desirable result. Players will win if they get a result of eleven and twelve. This is another Craps variant with a low house cut of 2.3 percent.

The table layout for New York Craps is totally different; what’s more, this variant lacks the Don’t Come and Come bets. Whenever players win their bets, they have to part with 5 percent of it as commission to the online casino.

How to Play Craps Online:

Players can learn a game of Craps easily, but will find it difficult to master it and start making a profit of it.

As previously mentioned, Craps is a game of dice and players’ fortune depends on the results of a single or a series of rolls of a couple of dice or many dice. The dealer, also known as the shooter, begins by rolling the required number of dice on a Craps table. Depending on the combined value shown by the dice, the shooter can win or lose and the game will come to an end or the shooter neither loses nor wins and the game of Craps continues.

The dealer or the shooter places the first bet before rolling the dice. The other players also place a wide range of Craps bets, which are a bit complicated for the beginner to follow. The most common of Craps bets are the Pass/Don’t Pass bets placed on the results of the first roll of dice. If the come out results are seven or eleven, the shooter wins even money. If the results are two, three or twelve, the shooter loses. If neither of these are the results, the game continues for some more rounds.

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