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Fred Stafford AvatarFred Stafford  Updated: June 18, 2022

Top Casino Group (TC Group) consists of a group of sites which include, and Our focus is on providing accurate, factual online casino data and information so that our visitors can make the educated decisions of which online casinos to play for real money. On you'll find country guides specific to the regions around the world in which we focus. Each of these guides features detailed information about legality, pros and cons and a listing of suggested online casinos in which to try playing.

We conduct our research in a way that we feel many others who build sites like our neglect doing. To better understand and evaluate online casinos, we feature our authors create real money accounts and play for real money at casinos that are featured here on — doing so it the only possible way to get a first-hand experience and provide real judgement about how casinos act and behave towards players. Most other guides access casinos based on information they find supplied by others or compile information from various sources, including the casino's website to make judgements. Although this works, it is not the most accurate representation of what you can expect as an experience. and it's staff across all markets have evaluated over 100 online casinos. The goal in mind for this exercise is to create a top 10 for each of the markets featured. In addition to our own experiences, we also use information from sources we scour all over the internet. These include guides such as, AskGamblers, to name a few to ensure that there are no or very few valid complaints lodged against casinos we recommend.

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Fred Stafford Hello my name if Fred. I'm of British descent, and I currently live in Bali where I work remotely. I am the editor and chief here at where you'll find I write many of the articles and pieces posted here on this site. I've always had an interest in the world of online casinos and gambling online and have been writing for blogs and other sites for several years. I enjoy the intricacies of this business and the pace at which things change but most of all I enjoy playing at online casinos. Even before I took this gig, I loved playing online and have had an account with Jackpot City casino for well over ten years now.

Richard Sneekes – Hi I'm Richard (Rich for short or as my friends like to call me). With the guidance of Fred, our editor and chief here at, I research and draft content for this site. I don't have as much experience as Fred when it comes to gambling online at casinos but have plenty of knowledge in the poker and sports betting site. I've also been in this business for a long time similarly to Fred and continue to enjoy most aspects of it. What I don't like is that there appear now more than ever to be more unscrupulous operators who use shady tactics on players. My goal and focus is on assisting Fred and our research team in finding the best possible options for players which are fair and honest.

Sid Lawson – Hey guys my name is Sid, and I am one of the writers & content curators here at and also assist with the other sites within the group. My primary function here is to ensure that the information provided here on this site is accurate and up to date. I do draft some content here and there, but the real long articles and information you'll find here are collaborative efforts mostly put together by Fred and Richard. I also get to play at some of the casinos we review here which makes this job fun (unfortunately they don't let me keep the winnings if I'm playing on the company dime ;-) – Anyways just a quick intro and bio about myself and my role here. Also wanted to mention that if you find any information that is outdated or inaccurate, please be sure to contact me at and I'll get right on it.

Charlotte Spencer – Often I'm confused with the British actress with the same name as me "Charlotte Spencer" which I am not. My role with the TC Group is on web design and the development of this website. My skills and work on, in particular, are primarily related to graphic design, UX and front-end work. I currently live in Edmonton, Alberta and have a cat named Fluffy who loves sitting by me when I work and looks out the window at the park by my house.

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