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Advertiser Disclosure

Top Casino Group, which at present represents, and believe in full transparency and disclosure to our visitors about our advertising policy and how we generate income.

When you click on some of the links on this website and visit an online casino, we may earn a commission. Some of the links featured within our listing tables may contain affiliate tracking codes that relate to accounts we have with certain online casinos.

Why do we affiliate with online casinos?

Forming a relationship with an online casino or their marketing divisions which often operate outside of the casino's main operation allows us to run this website. Without the financial assistance and money, we generate to pay researchers, web designers, web hosts, etc. we would be unable to afford to run this website.

By accepting a commission for the losses of players that are referred to the brands featured here on this website, the company can provide a better product and service to our visitors.

It’s important to note that the fees and commissions received as compensation from established affiliate relationships in no way shape or form influence the rankings, reviews or objective stance. In other words, it’s impossible for an online casino to pay fees to influence what is written about them or how they score in the rankings on

Why are you telling me this?

As with everything on this website and as a general belief in transparency across the web Top Casino just wants you to know first off.

Secondly, honesty is of the utmost importance, so getting this out there establishes that.

Will I get better or worse service going through your links?

It really doesn’t make a difference unless Top Casino is providing a bonus superior to the default bonus. In general, only in cases where these separate deals have been negotiated will this be the case. In this scenario, it would be possible that a better bonus offer would be provided through this website. In these cases, however, it will be clearly marked on site both in the listings as an exclusive promotion that you’d be receiving. Aside from this particular circumstance, there is absolutely no difference whether you join and play through a link on, that of another affiliate website or by visiting the casino website directly.